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My Wellness Story

Hi, my name is Sue Buscemi. I am seventy years old, have been working with TriVita for over twenty years. I'm one of their Certified Health Coaches. Which means, you may call me and I will be your PERSONAL WEEKLY HEALTH COACH. 

Who would need a TRIVITA CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH? If you are trying to lose that ugly fat you have carried around for years, if you are stuck in a job you hate but don't have the courage to make a change, or you need support in making health changes cause you know deep down inside you, its time to make changes, but you need help, or you have always wanted to use food supplements but don't know the first thing about them.  I AM HERE TO HELP YOU!


 HEALTH COACHING is more than exercise and treadmill walking

            It's about physical, emotional, and spiritual balance

             It's about living abundantly with joy and purpose   



You and Your Certified TriVIta Health Coach will talk weekly. Together, we will address the issues holding you back from living a joy-filled life. We will find ways to arrive at the destination you have always dreamed of.  The impact on your life will be greater health and understanding of ways and tools you need to make healthy changes in your life.

With TriVita's 10 Healthy Habits as our emphasis we will address the spiritual, physical and emotional aspects of your life and daily habits. Wellness will be the goal with emphasis on the importance of daily prayer, worship, and deep faith. We will encourage you to become the person God meant you to be. Living a purposeful, healthy and joy-filled life! 

 Are you ready?    Let's get started!!    I'd love to be your coach love to work with you!!

Some Client Reviews: 

          From C.B.L.: Sue helped me address issues with digestion and shared information about foods that were a match with my blood type. I changed the foods I was eating which were causing me discomfort and weight gain. Sue recommended a TriVita  Supplements that have made a world of difference. She taught me tapping for emotional changes to my brain allowing me to live a happier life! Sue is easy to walk with and so full of great ideas, supplement knowledge and personal coaching skills. I would rate her a 10+++!

          From M.M.: Sue is very easy to talk with. I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their life and health. I went from sitting all day to working in my garden and camping. These were things I never thought I would do again, it has brought me so much joy! Sue recommended I read the TriVita Catalog, take it to my physician for his approval and try some TriVita Supplements. I'm using NOPALEA. I wasn't using enough until Sue told me to flood the inflammation. In a short amount of time, she was right, my pain subsided! I use TRIVITA'S VITA CALMAG D with K, this has helped me greatly. I do appreciate so much the info written on paper Sue sends me after each coaching call. It helps me go back and refresh my memory of the things we discussed. Thank you, Sue

          From N.H.: Sue is a great health coach, easy to talk with and very knowledgeable about the supplements TriVita has to offer. I was able to make great lifestyle changes! I am taking more vitamin supplements that help keep me regular in the bathroom, this is something that was a huge struggle. I am also taking supplements to help eliminate or reduce the number of migraines I have. TriVita's Vitamin C is helping to improve my overall health. Currently I use the Crystal C, the Omega Prime and Energy Now which really has helped with my overall energy levels throughout the day and also burn calories with each capsule. All of these supplements have had a tremendously positive affect on my health!  Thanks, Sue!

            From L.G.: Sue, you suggested I order Vision Guard for eye health. I was having blurry vision in my right eye. I just had my eyes checked and my eye doctor told me I have 20:20 vision in both eyes! My right eye is now very clear. I can see great! I am very pleased with how healthy my eyes have become since using Vision Guard. I call Sue anytime I have a question about what steps to take in terms of nutrition and lifestyle. We talk about TriVita's products when I have questions. Then Sue send me a recap of our telephone conversation so I can review. I also recommended my sister to TriVita and she loves the products too! We are both using the GREENS PLUS and really enjoying the results! Thank you, Sue!

          From Dr. A.L.B.:  Sue Buscemi has amazing Health Coaching skills. I am a physician of 15 years and know her ability to connect and facilitate positive changes for the good of her clients. Her skill is unsurpassed. Time and time again, she never ceases to amaze. She is most certainly divinely inspired. What an incredible spiritual force her clients have in their corner.


                                                                                       TO ORDER: www.trivita.com/10854619

                                                                                        LET'S TALK SOON?.SUE @ 410-456-8209

I was born in 1951...have taken supplements my entire life...now at seventy, I can enjoy my life to the fullest!


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